Democrat Poll Worker Convicted Of Felony Voter Fraud In Ohio

Ohio Poll Worker Melowese Richardson Convicted Of Felony Voter Fraud – True The Vote


She could go to prison for up to six years “for Mister Obama.” reports:

Long-time Hamilton County poll worker Melowese Richardson was convicted Monday of illegal voting and could go to prison for up to six years for it.

Richardson, 58, of Madisonville, pleaded no contest to four counts of illegal voting – including voting three times for a relative who has been in a coma since 2003 – in exchange for prosecutors dropping four other illegal voting charges. Common Pleas Court Judge Robert Ruehlman immediately convicted her, making her a felon.

A Hamilton County poll worker since 1998, Richardson admitted she voted illegally in the 2008, 2011 and 2012 elections.

Recall Richardson’s original on-camera statement that the multiple votes she cast “for Mister Obama and for Mister Obama’s right to sit as President of the United States” were “absolutely legal votes.”

Now that Richardson has acknowledged her crime, will federal charges finally be filed?

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10 thoughts on “Democrat Poll Worker Convicted Of Felony Voter Fraud In Ohio

  1. CLMAZ

    I say she should go to prison. Next to murder or assault charges, illegal voting may seem like small potatoes. It’s still a crime, and the people who are caught need to be used as examples, hopefully discouraging other people who believe that “tampering with voting results isn’t very serious.”

  2. Linda Heinkel

    Yes, she should go to prison, but WHO trained her and others to do this. This administration penetrated pervasively with their corrupt activities….and used, let me say it again, USED people like this.

  3. Anne

    She got caught, how many didn’t and how many others did she let vote illegally. Everyday there is a new blemish on this Presidency. I am so disgusted so I can imagine what the rest of the world thinks of America now. Shame on you is all I can say…someday you will have to atone for the things you did, and being a non believer is not going to make it not so. “Every head will bow and every knee shall bend.”

    1. yes…this is why i try so so so hard to make ammends for all the things that i have done in my life…when i was younger i was self centered and did some junk….i really am sorry for these sins and i know Jesus knows this..

  4. aft

    She wont go to prison she is black and over 200 years ago they were slaves so the world owes her forever and ever and to make sure we dont forget they will let us know how unfair the world is to thier race.
    And the president will never be impeached he is black and with everything he has done and not done he is still black and the riots would happen remember Rodney King and that guy had a criminal record and they would say he was impeached because of his skin color not because he is horriable at his job!

  5. It doesn’t matter who has not gotten caught. Stick to the matter at hand. She has been found guilt, and regardless of race or political party, she should face the consequences as ANY person should. Lock her up, and THROW AWAY THE KEY!!! There! DONE1 On to the next matter.

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