Boy, The members of the Gore Cult of Climate Change are getting a bit testy

Executing polluters? Hey, if it is good enough for Communist China, then it ought to be good enough for the Climate Nazis, as William Teach reports

Really excited. Here’s Grist’s John Upton

There are carrot and stick approaches to tackling pollution. China is reaching for the stick. The country announced Wednesday that it is willing to impose the harshest possible penalty on polluters. From Reuters:

Chinese authorities have given courts the powers to hand down the death penalty in serious pollution cases, state media said, as the government tries to assuage growing public anger at environmental desecration. …

A new judicial interpretation which took effect on Wednesday would impose “harsher punishments” and tighten “lax and superficial” enforcement of the country’s environmental protection laws, the official Xinhua news agency reported.

“In the most serious cases the death penalty could be handed down,” it said.

Teach points out that China is talking about actual pollution, not the Green is the new Red Climate Change baloney. But, still some Warmists are all for executing those that do not bow to their insidious demands

This isn’t the first time Warmists have had fantasies about criminal penalties and death for people who aren’t helping to reduce “carbon pollution,” and won’t be the last. This continues in the comments

  • About time! Looks like China is out front on this issue. Too bad we don’t have this in the U.S., there probably wouldn’t be a corporate scumbag left. (yeah, there would be no one to produce the computer your used to write your comment)
  • While I would strongly prefer a more enlightened society where people lived a lot more lightly on the Earth in much smaller numbers and treated each other a lot better, that’s a distant goal, not current reality. As you said, execution would be a great incentive to get these assholes to stop polluting our planet, as nothing else has worked to any substantial extent.
  • What would be even more effective is if the customers of these polluters were put to death. Make it a capital offense to buy gasoline. Use a plastic utensil and die. Turn the lights on and it’s the gallows for you. After all, these polluters wouldn’t pollute if they didn’t have willing customers.
  • If we did this in North America there would hardly be a CEO left – sounds about right to me.
  • See, I never understood how people could accept totalitarianism until climate change. I am at the point where I would accept horrible things if they actually did do something about climate change.

Wow, can you say UNHINGED? Here we have people wanting you killed for using electricity, or putting gas in your car. Which, of course begs the question, is using an electric car worthy of the death penalty in their twisted minds? Or maybe some electricity is more equal than other electricity? The last comment is my favorite. That commenter would embrace horrible deeds done by a totalitarian regime if they were done in the name of stopping climate change! I suppose they never considered that once you give that power to government, then no one is safe from that government. But then again, thinking is not the strong suit of these useful idiots!

2 thoughts on “Boy, The members of the Gore Cult of Climate Change are getting a bit testy

  1. Carlos Perera

    Perhaps the cruelest irony is that–I would be willing to bet the farm on this, based on prior direct experience with envirowhackos–the dripping-fang ecofreaks sharing their sordid, murderous fantasies would be among the people least likely to survive in the sort of “deep green” world they say they wish to foist on us.

    1. GomeznSA

      You are probably correct regarding their survival skills and abilities – and most likely they are also the most rabid hoplophobes as well. They are usually the ones who suggest dragging elected officials behind pickup trucks (do ‘real’ libs even own any?) until they ‘see the light’ or want to put NRA leaders heads on pikes, well I think most of us see just what their intentions are if they think they can of pull them off are.

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