The Best of the Blogs

The Other McCain looks at the Party of Death and Perversion 

Zion’s Trumpet: Not one damn thing! 

Zilla has links, and a prayer request 

Jeff Dunetz tells us the latest casualty of Fast and Furious 


Wyblog looks at Our Secretary of Irrelevancy, John F###ing Irrelevant Kerry!

Wizbang: Paula Deen and Jesus walk into a bar wearing NRA T-shirts and eating Chick-fil-A sandwiches 

Wine Women, and Politics has some NSFW hotties Sofia-Jaramillo-18

What Would the Founders Think asks what Cool Calvin Coolidge would say

Weasel Zippers: Obamanomics losing streak rolls on 

Angry Mike: Why yes, gun rights ARE civil freaking rights you Leftist trolls

Conservative Girl: Alex Jones is the Oliver Stone of talk radio

Lowering the Boom: Mike Lee rocks! 

Proof Positive has a great link-a-round, and a Friday Babe AND a vintage Babe too!


1389: That bis one Krazy Kat!

90 Miles tells us to never trust a Liberal over 30

A Herd of Turtles has some hotties, and one pervert

Kurt has a happy birthday to America post!

Fritz has a fever, and the only cure is Rachelle LaFevre

Adrienne has Caturday!

Duane Lester: The catfish that ate Michigan

Allergic To Bull has an observation about the Zimmerman trial


Robert: Misdirection, Lies, and Deceit

America Glob: Gawker sucks like a ten-dollar hooker

Donald Douglas: Remember when Sarah Silverman was funny? No, neither do I

Animal Magnetism has Gingermageddon

Pam Gellar: Never forget how evil Jihadists are

Bare Naked Islam: Is the UK profiling Jews?

Theo has Saturday Totty

The Right Way has a Friday babe

Revo: THEN they cam for the Ice Cream Man

Lonely Conservative: THEN, they came for your grill r107

Last Tradition celebrates 67 years of bikinis!

Classic Liberal has extremists, and hot women

That Mr. G. Guy: Tyranny of laws

Teresa: Hoes before Embryo’s?

Bluegrass Pundit: Hitler Fried Chicken? WTF?

Bob Owens: This thing really went to trial?

Bob Belvedere: Patrick Henry rocked!

Captain’s Journal: Guns the “just go off” 


Conservative Hideout: Facebook Friends and Links

Bill Quick: why do all the idiots have jobs these days?

Daily Smug: How stupid is Bette Midler anyway?

Daniel Greenfield: a hero time nearly forgot

Doug Powers: I try not to poke fun at Anthony Weiner, but….

Doug Ross: Why does Obama hate women?

Pat Austin: I am going to  Texas Ranger game, ad i am NOT inviting that DaleyGator guy

Sentry Journal: What happened to us?

Rio Norte: Is THAT all a college education gets you?

Dan Riehl: Perry/Cruz? or Perry/Paul? r18

Reaganite Republican: Have you seen Miss Poland?

Randy has patriotic bikini!

Evil Blogger Lady has some Egyptian Rule 5

Gateway Pundit: Facebook Group promises riots if Zimmerman is found not guilty

Pretty Fly for a Jersey Guy: You might be an Islamist if

I’m 41: Obama’s chickens and Egypt

It Ain’t Holy Water: It is THAT hot outside

JIll: Why does Obama hate Africans?

Political Clown Parades has your political jabs


Pitsnipes has your eye candy

Pirates Cove has a warning about barnacles killing Mother Earth

Nice Deb has some Saturday links

Neo Sexist: This kids mommy is an idiot

Steve: Metadata Madness

Moonbattery: California, the Stupid State

American Perspective: Investigate the IRS already!

Maggie: Key Benghazi witness missing?


Legal Insurrection: Run Liz Run

We wrap up with some links to my other blog, the DaleyBabes Blog

Mina Sakura

Saturday pics

Olinda Castaneda

Monday Pics

And Kimah Nicole

And now, a dog licking a baby’s face, everyone say awwwwww


12 thoughts on “The Best of the Blogs

  1. Great line up. Thanks for including me.

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  5. Doug,

    Thanks a bazillion for the linky-love. Enjoy what’s left of your Independence Day weekend.

  6. Thank you for including me in your awesome linx roundup!
    My mom’s surgery went well and she is back home now, I’m taking a round trip with my kids to go see her today!

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  10. Pingback: Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup » Pirate's Cove

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