Just the latest reason I call it Marxifornia

California, sinking in Liberal failure, is now aiming at gun owners, again. Jeff Goldstein has the scoop

The gun-grabbers are really going all out here: A group of bills moving through California’s assembly and senate–including one to create a database for ammunition purchases–could create the strictest gun control laws of any state in the union. According the San Jose Mercury News, the bills being heard in the state senate on August 12 would create a database of all ammo purchases in the state, “make it crime to have a gun that’s not locked up when it’s not being carried, and extend the time for which someone is banned from owning a firearm after making a violent threat.” 

So, they would track ammo purchases, with the next step logically being to red flag anyone buying “too much” ammo. The definition of “too much” to be determined by government of course. What could possibly go wrong?


One thought on “Just the latest reason I call it Marxifornia

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