Why do so many Conservatives love school uniforms?

On most issues, I am Conservative, I know this because on most issues I agree with other Conservatives. But what of issues where I disagree with the majority of Conservatives? I am Libertarian on those issues? Or are the other Conservatives NOT Conservative on those issues? One such issue is school uniforms. Most Conservatives I hear comment on the topic seem to think school unis are DA BOMB, as the kids say these days. Me? I think school unis are obnoxious and fall into the Collectivist mentality Liberals adore.

I got to pondering this after reading this piece at Chicks on the Right

According to this, the Keller school district in TX has implemented some new dress code policies for its students.  Starting with this school year, skirts or shorts must be at mid-thigh and not shorter, yoga pants or leggings have to be covered by a long top, no tank tops are allowed, and undergarments can’t be exposed.  Plus, no visible tattoos or piercings (other than ear piercings) are allowed.  Hats are banned.

I don’t know about you all, but I think this is kinda awesome.  Uniforms would be more awesome, but this is a good first step.  Have you SEEN what high schoolers wear nowadays? 

Well, I agree in dress codes, and I agree that short skirts, shorts, etc are unfit for school attire. I agree that tank tops ought to be out, and do not get me started on baggy britches that expose drawers. But why would school unis be awesome? To me they take conformity too far, and squash Individualism, which is the backbone of Conservatism. I like people to express themselves, and see no real benefit in everyone looking the same. To me, this is just another sign of one of the problems with today’s America. Everything is scripted, boring, stale, and anyone who strays outside those boundaries is seen as weird, or dangerous somehow.

Yes, I know, unis are good because “discipline”, yeah, so I hear. Working in the restaurant business for years, I have seen first hand that everyone dressing alike does not equal discipline. Neither does demanding that servers and bartender give scripted sales pitches rather than genuine greetings, but that is another rant for another day. You know what does enforce discipline? Having a few simple rules, rules that are enforced. I get a few simple rules on how to dress at school, I get that enforcing those rules works. But seriously, trying to plug everyone into a cookie cutter mentality?  No thanks!

But, I am adding Chicks on the Right to my blogroll, because, those ladies do rock, and maybe they will add this blog to theirs. I mean really can you be a truly Conservative blog and NOT link Ed and I?


9 thoughts on “Why do so many Conservatives love school uniforms?

  1. AndyN

    I don’t think this is the conservative justification for school uniforms, but here’s one thing to consider. If we’re forced to accept that public schools are a necessary evil, and that a significant portion of the employees of public schools are there for the steady paycheck and great perks rather than a desire to do the job well, I think we also have to accept that those type of people are unlikely to be interested in or capable of enforcing standards uniformly. Any school dress code is likely to be enforced in an arbitrary and capricious manner. Making kids wear school uniforms reduces the risk that your child will have to walk past kids in Che shirts while being escorted out of the building for wearing an NRA shirt.

  2. Yes there is a justification for wearing school uniforms but it is neither conservative, nor liberal -funny, it has never occurred to me that libertarians hold a position; do they support public education?

    School uniforms are an economic decision. Regardless of politics, parents are sucked into the consumer vortex, through their children, and the “discipline” argument is a side benefit for the school.

    BTW, if you had ever worn a school uniform, you would know that self-expression find a way.

    1. Gatordoug

      I went to private schools for 5 years, two of those had unis, and the discipline was no better in the two with unis, the education was no different either

      1. We agree then Doug; that is why I wrote “discipline” in quotes. My point was the economic benefits of school uniform implementation was apolitical.

        I think many are confused with the way the issue was sold, and the intended purpose: it was to prevent children from succumbing to the social and economic pressure of ‘the latest, and greatest’.

      2. Gatordoug

        Yes I recall that. Of course some kids will still have nicer clothes than others. I guess it just seems a cop,out fix to larger problems

  3. Well, in my daughter’s Catholic school the uniform requirement eliminates “I have nothing to wear” syndrome. Also “I can’t wear that shirt because Bella laughed at it” syndrome. And enforcing the dress code leaves no room for ambiguity. Either you’re wearing the uniform or you aren’t.

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