6 Shocking Stats That Prove Democrats Are Out Of Touch With The American People (Emily Hulsey)

6 Shocking Stats That Prove Democrats Are Out Of Touch With The American People – Emily Hulsey


1. Health Care
Nancy Pelosi described the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as something that “captures the spirit of our founders” and will “put money back in the pockets of America’s patients” (WSJ, House.gov). However, only 46% of Americans had a favorable view of the ACA when a Democrat-controlled Congress voted it into law. Since then, approval has decreased to 37%.


2. Education
According to Pew Research, less than 1/3 of Americans are happy with our nation’s education system. However, instead of promoting an overhaul of the system, which the public wants, the President and legislators send the message that they don’t care by enrolling their kids in elite private schools and cutting initiatives like the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program (CNS News).


3. Economy
In his series of speeches on the economy this summer, President Obama insisted that “America has fought its way back” and has already “recovered” (LA Times). Yet, only 28% of the public feels that the U.S. economy is recovering.


4. Abortion
Democrats’ 2012 election platforms saw a larger embrace of pro-choice stances than we’ve ever seen before. Their TV ads were filled with pro-choice messaging, abortion rights activists were main speakers at the DNC, and the head of Planned Parenthood even introduced President Obama at a campaign rally (Politico). In the real world, more Americans feel that having an abortion is “morally wrong” than those who don’t.


5. Race
When George Zimmerman was deemed “not guilty” of the murder of Trayvon Martin, countless Democratic leaders echoed the President’s calls for an honest discussion on race. In fact, 62% of Democrats felt that the Zimmerman verdict raised issues about race than needed to be discussed, though only 36% of the total public agreed with them.


6. Trust in Government
In recent years, the Democratic party has been riddled with one scandal after another, from Benghazi to Weiner to the IRS. As a result, the public’s trust in government has plummeted since 2007 – it is now a measly 19%. Despite how “phony” Obama may believe the scandals to be, the American public definitely feels otherwise.

Even a blind monkey with half a brain could tell you that there’s a disconnect between the current administration and the public. Just how big is this disconnect? Surprisingly massive. On the major issues that dominate interviews and debates each year, Democratic leaders are increasingly distancing themselves from the views of the majority of American people.

The President is taking multi-million dollar vacations while regular Americans are decreasing their number of paid off days just to keep their jobs. Legislators are enrolling their children in elite private schools while the rest of us are volunteering personal time and money to help our local public school systems. The NSA is defending its right to access public phone records, though we are adamantly calling for it to stop.

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