Associated Press Calls Out Obama Regime For Acting Like Fascists

Wow, The Associated Press Opens Up A Can: Calls Out The Obama Administration For Acting Like Fascists – Doug Ross Journal

It’s not often I quote bits of an AP article without highlighting the fabrications, omissions and spin, but in this case, I’ll make an exception:


The U.S. government’s aggressive prosecution of leaks and efforts to control information are having a chilling effect on journalists and government whistle-blowers, according to a report released Thursday on U.S. press freedoms under the Obama administration.


The Committee to Protect Journalists conducted its first examination of U.S. press freedoms amid the Obama administration’s unprecedented number of prosecutions of government sources and seizures of journalists’ records. Usually the group focuses on advocating for press freedoms abroad. [Ed: Banana Republic, anyone?]

Leonard Downie Jr., a former executive editor of The Washington Post, wrote the 30-page analysis entitled “The Obama Administration and the Press” … Downie interviewed numerous reporters and editors, including a top editor at The Associated Press, following revelations this year that the government secretly seized records for telephone lines and switchboards used by more than 100 AP journalists. Downie also interviewed journalists whose sources have been prosecuted on felony charges…

…To bypass journalists, the White House developed its own network of websites, social media and <even created an online newscast to dispense favorable information and images…

…Kathleen Carroll, AP's executive editor, said the report highlights the growing threats to independent journalism in a country that has upheld press freedom as a measure of democratic society for two centuries.

It would appear even the AP has had enough of this administration’s behavior, which resembles something in which a tinpot dictator would engage.

I commend Brett Zongker, Julie Pace, and the entire AP for their work.

And, guys, it’s more than past time this administration’s unprecedented series of scandals are revealed to America’s pajama people, who are sleepwalking through the destruction of this country.

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