Socialist Nightmare Continues As 70 Percent Of California Doctors Boycott ObamaCare

Doctors In California Boycotting ObamaCare: A Sign Of Things To Come? – Downtrend

It has long been said that national trends start in California. Although I am not sure that is true or not, Obama and the Democrats behind ObamaCare should be really worried about some of the trends we are starting to see happen in California.


As we all know, California was one of the first states to actually implement their own ObamaCare exchange. They have even had the most ‘success’ in terms of having people sign up for the program (although it is still mainly older and sicker people joining). The problem is that we are also seeing as much as 70 percent of doctors in the state boycotting ObamaCare. They are simply declining to participate. This is according to the head of the largest medical association in the state.

He even said that these events are not surprising. California, it seems, offers one of the lowest government reimbursement rates in the country. In fact, they are a full 30 percent lower than that of federal medicare payments (which are also considered low by most doctors around the country). Apparently, Obama and the Democrats actually expect doctors to work for free. I wonder how members of Congress would like it if they were expected to work for free? Which is not to say that members of Congress actually do any real ‘work’ anyway.

So, once again we see that the mess ObamaCare is creating is not due to any Republican blockage or any kind of fear mongering. We are simply seeing reasonable and economic based behavioral reactions to the implementation of a very bad law that is now set on taking away a large part of the livelihoods of a group of workers.

This is just one of the problems we are seeing as a legitimate reaction to ObamaCare. A recent survey, for example, showed that a huge majority of physicians have a pessimistic outlook on the future of medicine. They feel that there own level of autonomy is being threatened in addition to their income. In fact, 62 percent have said it is likely that many of their colleagues (or themselves) will retire from medicine earlier than planned within the next one to three years. This feeling is quite uniform across age, gender, and specialty. Another 55 percent of doctors think that others will begin to scale back hours due to how medicine is changing. A full 75 percent feel that the best and brightest among current students will no longer be willing to consider a career in medicine.

Of course, it is certainly dawning on many physicians right about now that there is a ‘new normal’ coming to their market place. This will ultimately have significant impacts on how they practice medicine in the future. There will need to be new policies and practices designed to combat a physician shortage as well.

Not that this is really much of big deal—or even a surprise—to Obama and the Democrats. They do not even care if there is a physician shortage. It was just about a week ago when a liberal writer from the Salon told ‘whiny’ doctors to shut up about the lower pay under ObamaCare. Of course, the Democrats in Congress who are wholly responsible (along with our community organizer in chief) for this debacle have offered no serious solution for the upcoming doctor crisis or the lack of actually reimbursing doctors a reasonable amount (at least as much as medicare would be a start).

What do YOU think? Should the doctors be demonized by ObamaCare? Why does the system want to pay them less? Maybe ObamaCare is trying to push a number of doctors out of the profession?

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