Train 1 scumbag 0

They say crime does not pay. They also say it is foolish to be on the tracks when a train is coming. Looks like they are right on both counts!


Justice hit an Iowa crook like a freight train, Des Moines cops say.

Lopez Christian Webster, 32, broke into an East Grand Ave. home on Tuesday and stabbed a man repeatedly before fleeing with the warning “move and I kill you,” KCCI-TV reports.

But his getaway was not so clean. Webster tried to hop some train tracks — as a Union Pacific train rolled through — and was sliced in half and killed instantly, the Des Moines Register reports.

The train conductor had no idea Webster, who tried to pass between two cars as the train was moving, had been fatally struck. The train was finally flagged down in Ankeny, Iowa, about 12 miles north.

Karma? I could say something about the bad guy being “beside” himself over this, but that would not be in good taste


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