Range Report for a Friday

Took my Sig P250, and went through the usual 100 rounds. I did well enough, not quite as focused today for some reason. Most of my shots were at 15 yards, and I was just a bit off, I think perhaps glasses are in my near future. But, as I was sweeping up my brass, the guy in the next lane asked what I shot, and remarked how good a shot I was, so that made me reevaluate my target, and, I did do pretty well, with 90 out of 100 in the 8-10 rings, with most of those, 60  maybe, in the 9-10 rings. I also shot about 50 rounds with my Taurus PT140 and did well with that too. So, overall not a bad day. Now it is gun cleaning time.

4 thoughts on “Range Report for a Friday

  1. darcprynce

    Say, Doug, I’m guessing you’re right-handed… but are you right-eye-dominant? I only ask because I’m left-handed, yet I am right-eyed, so my handgun firing stance is considerably different from most.

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