Trevor Loudon destroying anti-Cruz propaganda

There are a lot of asinine rumors/lies being spread about Cruz. Trevor Loudon lays waste to those, and to the miscreants behind them

There are quite a few rumors floating around in social media about Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz.

Americans are used to the mainstream media lying about Ted Cruz (see here, here & here for just some examples.) But it is particularly painful when the lies come from supposed truth-tellers. The largest culprits starting and perpetuating anti-Cruz falsehoods are sundance of the Conservative Treehouse and Dianne Marshall of the Marshall Report. They blatantly lie, or tell cherry-picked half truths, which are promptly disseminated in social media by an army of bullies who are seemingly not interested in civil debate.

Why create false stories if the candidate is so bad?

The clearly coordinated effort is particularly disturbing because: 1.) it frankly smashes conventional wisdom that ad hominem baseless attacks are the tool of the left – not the principled right, and 2.) the social media bullies may serve to intimidate people from posting positive stories or opinions about Ted Cruz.

Here are some of the most persistent lies, myths and rumors about Ted Cruz:

FAKE!! Ted Cruz stole the Iowa Caucus

The charge is that the members of the Ted Cruz campaign lied about fellow presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson in order to steal his votes. The truth is that CNN’s Chris Moody, using “two [unnamed] sources, on the record” from Carson’s campaign gave the distinct impression, along with CNN correspondents Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, that Carson was taking a break from campaigning.

Ted Cruz’s people used the information which came out as a “BREAKING” news story right before the caucus. The information was readily available to anyone who had a mobile phone at the Caucus, i.e., everyone. Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and yes, Donald Trump supporters ALL used this information.

Ted Cruz is the only one to apologize, but CNN should apologize publicly to Ted Cruz.

FAKE!! Disgruntled Ted Cruz Campaign Staff are Resigning 

This completely fabricated story about a fake disgruntled Cruz staffer named “Don Fairly” was originated by a pro-Trump twitter user named @LandmanMarius (a twitter account that was evidently born to praise Donald Trump).

A series of tweets claimed that a staffer opened up over coffee to tell @LandmanMarius about how the fake “Don Fairly” quit Ted Cruz’s campaign along with seven others because Cruz was “impossible to work with” and “[K]eeps changing positions on policy to suit voters” and bizarrely, that he only pretends to pray for the sake of the media.

The completely fake story designed to slam Ted Cruz was repeated at the Conservative Treehouse andthe Marshall Report. After this story was exposed at, @LandmanMarius deleted all tweets related to the fake Don Fairly.

This screenshot shows one of the Don Fairly tweets as posted at the Conservative Treehouse before it was deleted.


The TRUTH about the culture of the Cruz campaign is more likely reflected at this must-read article atPJMedia:

“Cruz’s Iowa Win In Part Due to Culture of Kindness and Courage at Campaign HQ”

As an aside, it should be noted that @LandmanMarius also since deleted tweets claiming voter fraud in the wake of Cruz’s win in Iowa that were highlighted at

Benghazi was certainly not a phony scandal, but Ted Cruz stealing the Iowa Caucus is a phony scandal. 

Go read it all, share this info folks. The shameful lies have to be exposed and corrected. Also, after reading this I have decided that the Conservative Treehouse is no longer fit to be on our blogroll. I have not really done a lot of visiting there since it went into Perpetual Trumpgasm Mode anyway, but to lie, deliberately about Senator Cruz is beyond pathetic. As Ed Daley would say, good riddance to bad rubbish

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