Woman who wants to be a man sues barbershop because feelings or something

Awww his her his feelings got hurt

A transgender man is suing a Southern California barbershop that allegedly refused to cut his hair after the barber identified him as a woman.

Rose Trevis said Hawleywood’s barbershop in Long Beach refused him service, saying it did not serve women. The barbershop claimed it had a policy that did not allow for women’s haircuts and said it had the right to refuse services to anyone, according to the lawsuit.

“I felt very upset, I guess discriminated against,” Trevis [sniveled menacingly].

Judging by the use of male pronouns in a mainstream media report, Rose apparently is a woman who was posing as a man.

Whether the barbershop was properly equipped to cut Rose’s hair is beside the point. It is every business’s responsibility to have whatever facilities are required to never “discriminate” against any favored groups.

In a free country, economic interactions like getting a haircut would be based on mutual consent. But progressives regard the lack of coercion to be oppressive.

Once paying off mobsters was a price of doing business. Now we have to pay off crybullies who devote their lives to making freakish spectacles of themselves.

– See more at: http://moonbattery.com/?p=70489#sthash.kQLnthz2.dpuf

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