Mike McDaniel What America needs

Great piece by McDaniel

After eight long, enervating years of Barack Obama, America desperately needs the kind of man about which the Founders wrote. We need a moral man, an honorable man who believes in America, and foremost, in the framework of limited government established by far wiser men than virtually all in politics in 2016. We need a man who by philosophy and disposition is capable of saying “No. We can’t do that. It doesn’t matter how nice it would be; the Constitution doesn’t allow it. We just don’t have that power.” We need a man who understands the decorum and dignity required of the occupant of the Oval Office. We need a man who is wise in historical understanding, who has read the Constitution—repeatedly—and who is willing to fight—and politically die if necessary—for any and every part of it, because he has read the Constitution, and because he understands that without it, America is, as Barack Obama believes, nothing special.

We need an honest man, a humble man, a strong but self-effacing man. We need a courageous man, and a man willing to be wrong, and willing to accept blame when he is.

We need a man capable of cleaning out the racist, statist thugs populating the DOJ, IRS, EPA and innumerable other federal agencies, and forcing the federal bureaucracy within the limits of its legitimate—and small—authority.

We need a man capable of recognizing and dealing ruthlessly with our enemies, and of fully supporting our allies. The nations of the world, particularly our allies, know that under Barack Obama, America is far less trustworthy and more dangerous—to them—than their worst enemies. Our allies mistrust and fear us, and our enemies laugh at, ignore, even threaten us. Our next President must embody the Marine ethic: Every nation must know, without any room for doubt, that there is no better friend than America,and no worse enemy.

We need a President that will protect, above all else, American sovereignty and lives, who understands that American citizenship is a pearl of great price.

We need a President that understands that without the rule of law, America is nothing more than a tin-pot banana republic with a high standard of living—for now.

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