Here is a cold hard fact, either you believe in freedom of speech, or you don’t!

William Teach looks at some Special Snowflakes who have no clue what liberty means

Most College Students Want Free Speech On Campuses — But Not When It’s Hate Speech

College students want free speech on their campuses but want their administrators to intervene when it turns into hate speech, though they disagree on whether college campuses are open environments and on how the media should cover campus protests, according to a new Gallup survey on the First Amendment released Monday.

About 78 percent of students surveyed said that colleges should allow “all types of speech and viewpoints,” while 22 percent noted that “colleges should prohibit biased or offensive speech in the furtherance of a positive learning environment.”

But students understand the limitations of free speech policies, especially with regard to discriminatory and offensive rhetoric. In recent months, many students of color have called on their college administrators to more fully address racism on campuses, arguing that their campuses do not promote openness and diversity.

“Students do appear to distinguish controversial views from what they see as hate speech — and they believe colleges should be allowed to establish policies restricting language and certain behavior that are intentionally offensive to certain groups,” the survey’s organizers wrote.

What that all means is that they consider any speech that they do not agree with as “hate speech”, which should be banned, and even prosecuted. They really aren’t quite up to speed with this whole 1st Amendment thing

While the vast majority of students surveyed said that the press should generally have unrestricted access to campus protests, close to half said that in some cases, there can be reasons to bar the press, like if protesters think that the reporter may be biased, or whether “the people at the protest say they have a right to be left alone.”

Again, they possess not the first inkling as to how liberty works. Natural Rights? They likely have no grasp of them either. Of course those who do not grasp Natural (God-given) Rights do not grasp what America is all about do they? And, sadly, this is exactly what our Leftist educrats want.

6 thoughts on “Here is a cold hard fact, either you believe in freedom of speech, or you don’t!

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  2. Ray

    I have found more censorship and group think among right wing bloggers than any other group. Talk back or disagree with most of them and find your comment deleted , your unpublished writing ridiculed and your name slandered. The communist may be scum but at least most of them will publish comments they disagree with.

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