Apparently Mark Levin has had enough of Trump’s sleaze show

Via The Right Scoop

I am struggling with this election should it come down to evil (Hillary) or a buffoonish thug (Trump) who will lose to Hillary anyway, which is why I am praying Cruz gets the nomination.

Just an aside on Roger Stone. Is he trying to look like an arch villain in Batman?


5 thoughts on “Apparently Mark Levin has had enough of Trump’s sleaze show

  1. formwiz

    The story, that Mark Levin is taking money to spread Cruz propaganda, was not written by Roger Stone, but merely passed along by him.

    The story was written by the Daily Beast.

    Levin is trying to cover his ass because he was caught.

    Turns out a lot of the people in the tank for Cruz are being paid off by his PACs or McConnell’s – Erickson, Beck, and the lovely people at Salem – HotAir, TownHall.

    How’s ’bout you?

  2. Ray

    Like it or not Trump is the only one in the GOP with any chance to become the President. If the GOP selects anyone else the voters stay home and Butch or Saunders becomes the second communist to set in the oval office.

  3. John Gibson and Ann Coulter migrated to obscurity –and O’Reilly is still teetering in the brink– upon committing vile fratricide when insulting most poisonously us —grassroots-conservatives— who kept exercising our patriotically civic right and duty demanding from Obama to present unambiguous and unequivocal proof of complete compliance with Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of The Constitution of The United Sates of America.

    The cretins don’t realize that –yes, they have some talent of their own– they have reached heights they never imagined in great part due to the use we grassroots-conservatives make use of them to keep continually ranting, and bleating, and crowing, and braying against the Left and its main purveyor, the DemocRat Party, and its main facilitators, the complicit consummate-RINOs , and the accommodative establishment REPUGNicans. They don’t realize that, to such effect, we grassroots-conservatives provide them with enough personal financial comfort, and even affluence, by giving them viewership, audience and readership.

    I personally have disbursed thousands of dollars buying their books, which I don’t read (in my particular case there is nothing to learn from them, in contrast of what I would learn from the writings of a contemporaneous intellectual-incarnation of, say, Russell Kirk) but donate to local grassroots-conservative groups.

    I also used to listen to their talk-radio and viewed their cable-TV shows/appearances, mostly for amusement, although I also did it to monitor and gauge their performance in terms of trashing the Left, the RINOs and the establishment REPUGNicans.

    I, and probably millions of grassroots-conservatives more, don’t tune the radio and the TV to them.

    Levin another ingrate who bites the hand that feeds him, is in his case insulting us grassroots-conservatives with the ignominious and bizarre label of “progressive-populists”, for exercising our inalienable right to support Trump, he even having joined the hardcore-Left, Rubio, Kasich, Cruz and other fetid scum, when blaming us for the violence that undeniably the DemocRAT Party generates when unleashing upon us its foaming-mouth street attack mastiffs during Trump rallies.

    Us “progressives”? That is, us, Marxists? “Progressive” is an individual who adheres to Marx’s dialectically materialistic interpretation of human societal history as a dialectically inevitable continuous societal movement PROGRESSING towards what Marx “identified” as the only materialistic-dialectically admissible form of socialism (i.e., classless, internationalist socialism, under the “dictatorship” of the proletariat [itself a class on its own]) as a dialectically necessary steppingstone towards the only materialistic-dialectically admissibly communism (i.e., stateless worldwide communism).

    Levin only makes a majestic fool of himself when calling us “progressives”.

    And so be it, if he derides us as “populists” for being nationalists, patriots, originalist-constitutionalists, unwavering opponents to amnesty to illegal aliens, to open borders, and to illegal alien influx, staunch opponents to the first degree murder of babies in gestation via “choice”, obdurate opponents to homosexualism (i.e., homosexualist activism, particularly as an unconditional pawn of the Left) and all its manifestations, undeterred opponents to unfair trade, fearless opponents to unruly governance, gritty opponents to the legalization of heavily-addictive stupefacients for “entertainment”, undaunted opponents to Guest Worker Visa Programs that displace Americans from jobs, unflinching opponents to all types of genuine discrimination, plucky opponents to “diversity” as used by the DemocRATs to balkanize America further, daring supporters of an overall strengthening of America, resolute supporters of law and order, dauntless enforcers of government subjugation to its only boss, We the People, indefatigable defenders of our, We the People’s, supreme sovereignty, tireless, and so forth.

    Levin can f himself up.; to hell with him if he thinks that he’s going to dictate whom to support or vote for, for this is the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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