Your Good Guy With a Gun Story of the Day

Check out the following story from Bearing Arms, and after reading it ask yourself what if the gun control cultists had their way

Liberals like to ask ‘how many mass shootings have concealed carry citizens really stopped’? Well, several, but how about the everyday assaults they step up to end?

Police were called to the Amarillo, TX Home Depot on Saturday to investigate reports of a robbery, but what followed could have been much more serious had it not been for the actions of an armed citizen.

When 35-year-old Ricky Solis stole power tools, leaving the store without paying, a loss prevention officer made contact with him in the parking lot. Solis attempted to flee the scene but the officer caught him in the store parking lot. The two began to struggle and while the two were engaged in an altercation, a second suspect joined Solis in attacking the officer, kicking him in the face.

When the second suspect grabbed a tire iron from his vehicle and returned to assault the loss prevention officer, a citizen saw what was happening and stepped in to assist. He drew his gun and ordered the two men on the ground, ending the attack on the officer.

Although the second suspect fled the scene, the citizen was able to command Solis to remain on the ground and the loss prevention officer handcuffed him for police who arrested him for robbery.

The officer sustained minor injuries to his face but did not require medical attention, police said and the stolen merchandise was returned to the store.

Of course if CHL’s were illegal, as the gun control cult wishes, the person who saved the store employee from a severe beating, and maybe saved their life would have been forced to either dial 911, and or try to intervene and rusk their own life. The gun in this case, as in so many is an equalizer. In the right hands, guns are tools used to stop crimes, save lives, and in self-defense hundreds of thousands, if not millions times a year. Yet, even in the face of these stats, the Cult Of Gun Control oppose concealed carry, and, truth be told private gun ownership. Why would they wish to take away what is often the most effective means of self-defense?

Simply put, people like Michael Bloomberg care more, far more about implementing Statism than about public safety. For them, guns are an impediment to their pursuit of a “Collectivist Utopia” where there are no natural rights, or individual liberty. In the world they long for there is one government that will determine what “rights” are, and who can have them, and under what circumstances individuals can exercise these “rights”. That government, of course, would possess the necessary power to enforce its version of “equality” which would mean it would possess the power to, well, I think you can see where that road leads can’t you?

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