DaleyGator DaleyBabe tribute time Nicole Beharie


NIcole Beharie1

I am one of the last people to really get into a TV show, truth is I watch mostly sports, history, science, and things like that on TV. I follow a few shows on Hulu or Netflix, but rarely if ever have I gotten really INTO any emotional investment over a show. Of course, to every rule, there is the exception right? Mi exception is, or was Sleepy Hollow, on Fox. It had some sci-fi, some witchcraft, lots of history, with a LOT of admiration for our Founders I might add, and in the first two season some really good plots. But, what really drew me in were the two leads, Tom Mison, and Nicole Beharie especially Nicole who played Lt. Abbie Mills. 

I know what many will say, I was into the show, and Abbie because Nicole Beharie is hot, which she is. But there are a lot of really attractive actresses on many shows. Nicole and Mison and their chemistry really got me into the show. But again, Nicole really brought the role of Abbie Mills to life, she is truly a gifted actress who touched something in me with her performance. But at the end of season three her character was killed off, apparently she was unhappy with the direction of the show (in truth the plots were down in season three). But regardless of why she left, the show, to me left with her. There are other good characters, and again, Tom Mison is great. But half the shows heart has been ripped out. So, rather or not the show returns, to me it died when Abbie Mills died. I will really miss it, but I wish Nicole the best in her future ventures. 

For now, though here is my tribute to Nicole/Abbie and thanks to her for giving me lots of good watching


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