Yeah, about that “Cruz is stealing Colorado” BS

It is pretty much conspiracy theory BS and excuse-making by Trump

Ted Cruz’s resounding win in Colorado’s GOP contestthis weekend provided fresh evidence that Donald Trump’s campaign is still scrambling to catch up in the state-by-state delegate hunt.

But the Trump campaign’s threat that it might challenge the Colorado results at the Republican National Convention showed something else: The campaign is gearing up for battle in Cleveland — and no error will go unnoticed.

The debate over the national delegate selection in Colorado this weekend qualified as the very definition of inside baseball.

But that is the game the GOP campaigns will be playing at the convention if no candidate reaches the 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the nomination before Cleveland.

By Sunday, the Trump campaign had voiced a litany of complaints about Colorado’s complex process, even though it was obvious on the ground that it had not done the aggressive leg work to court Colorado delegates that the Cruz team had done.

“I win a state in votes and then get non-representative delegates because they are offered all sorts of goodies by Cruz campaign. Bad system!” Trump tweeted Sunday.

So, Trump is saying he WON Colorado, even though Colorado did not hold a caucus or primary? And YES they made that decision last Summer

He also retweeted a link to a Facebook post where one of his supporters burned his Colorado Republican Party registration over anger at the process at the Colorado state convention.

Then he declared: “The people of Colorado had their vote taken away from them by the phony politicians. Biggest story in politics. This will not be allowed!”

Wait, first he says he WON the Colorado vote, then he says the people had their “right to vote” stolen? Good Grief! And, about those “evil crooked ballots” Trump’s people, screwed that up!

Ballot positions were assigned to more than 600 people who ran for the final 13 delegate slots at the GOP convention on Saturday.

To narrow the field, each presidential campaign printed up slates listing the national delegate candidates that they had endorsed. Those slates were handed out by volunteers at the convention.

But the slates put out by the Trump campaign contained numerous errors when it matched names to ballot numbers. At the Congressional District 7 convention Thursday night where three convention delegates were selected, the slate printed by the Trump campaign contained the names of two delegate candidates supporting Trump who weren’t even running in that district.

On the first slate printed by Trump campaign for Saturday’s election — which detailed the names and ballot numbers of 26 people who were running to be Trump delegates at the convention — more than a half dozen names were listed with inaccurate ballot numbers.

If you were a Trump supporter at the convention hoping to support his slate of delegates that mattered — a lot — because the paper ballots that attendees used to cast their votes late Saturday afternoon contained only numbers, not the names of each delegate candidate.

The Trump campaign printed a second slate that was meant to correct the corresponding numbers and names that were wrong on the first slate. But there were mistakes on the second as well.

I posted this for anyone, including many Trump supporters who are willing to look at facts. For you Trumpbots, put your tin foil “Birther” hats back on and keep pretending someone is stealing your votes

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