Leftism is an Ideology of Convenience

Cirque Du Soleil has canceled shows in North Carolina because they are, as Pirates Cove puts it “progressive and aware”, when in reality, they are simply trying to score cheap political points while being complete hypocrites

(WRAL) Renowned acrobatic troupe Cirque du Soleil said Friday that it is canceling all of its shows in North Carolina because of the state’s new law setting discrimination policy.

“Cirque du Soleil strongly believes in diversity and equality for every individual and is opposed to discrimination in any form,” the troupe said in a statement, calling the North Carolina law “an important regression to ensuring human rights for all.”

Yes, because it is, in Liberal Land, a human right for a man to be able to go to a public women’s restroom, no matter how the women might feel about it. War on women anybody? And, again, not only is Cirque Du Soleil jumping on the “Gender is the New Bigotry” bandwagon, but they are also, joining Apple, and Pay pal, and others in being absolute phonies

(Breitbart) The world-famous circus, however, has not canceled its upcoming performances in the United Arab Emirates of Dubai.

Indeed, Cirque du Solei has a planned production, Varekai, scheduled to run from September 16 to 24 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The United Arab Emirates of Dubai has outlawed same-sex marriage, sex or gender reassignment surgery, adoption by same-sex couples, openly gay and lesbian military service, with the aforementioned being punishable by death, fines, or imprisonment.

In fact, Cirque du Solei has performed for years in the anti-LBGT United Arab Emirates, including Michael Jackson: The Immortal Tour in 2014,Dralion in 2013, Alegria in 2009, and Quidam in 2006.

See, there we are folks. Leftism is an Ideology of Convenience, and complete moral inconsistencies as well. 

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