Video-Ken Cuccinelli sets the record straight

Powerful stuff! The fact is courting delegates, not “stealing” and winning them over is what Cuccinelli talks about. Fact is that Cruz is a much more appealing candidate than Trump is, for many reasons

Also check out this audio of Hannity interviewing Cruz. It addresses the Trump accusation of Cruz “stealing” delegates H/T The Right Scoop 

Hannity plays up the idea that there is something unethical, or undemocratic about what Team Cruz is doing. Hannity gets pretty snippy pretty quickly. I am not going to accuse Hannity of being in the bag for Trump, but I must say he is smart enough to KNOW that Cruz is doing nothing wrong, yet he is feeding this. A desire for ratings maybe? In any sense, Hannity is doing himself no favors by playing dumb, and acting as if Trump’s claims have any credibility!

2 thoughts on “Video-Ken Cuccinelli sets the record straight

  1. “I am not going to accuse Hannity of being in the bag for Trump,…”

    I am. Reading Hannity’s twitter feed, listening to him on the radio (I don’t tune in for anyone’s night time shows anymore), he’s in the bag. So much for him being in favor of the Constitution.

    1. Gatordoug

      I was wondering about this little question. When has Hannity EVER challenged Trump in an interview about Trumps attacks and smears?

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