The missing element in the gun control argument? Common sense

Jenn Jacques at Bearing Arms has a great piece about the foolishness, and uselessness of the efforts of the Cult of Gun Control

It’s part of a national debate and passionate arguments for and against. It’s on presidential campaign platforms and bumper stickers. It’s what drives some Moms to Demand Answers and other moms to take action.

But the truth about gun control won’t be heard from a podium at a debate or read on the bumper of a Prius. The truth can only be found through the lens of common sense.

Perhaps that’s why there are so many people today who can’t see it.

Alan Korwin spoke passionately on TownHall about the subject, saying:

This is the great flaw with law. It doesn’t work. It gives you legal optionsafter the action, and it deters good people, sometimes, but it doesn’t do much other good. Gun control deters no one intent on evil acts. Only some of us understand this unfortunately. If laws against armed bank robbery worked, we’d have no armed bank robbers, right?

Laws’ failures are legendary, monumental, self evident, and yet missed. If laws against committing jihadi atrocities worked, there would be no San Bernardino, no Brussels, no Paris, none of the names that are going to happen in the not-too-distant future. If only gun control worked.

The constantly vilified supposedly evil gun lobby (the NRA) fervently wishes those laws worked. Every one of their five million members wishes gun-control laws—the 20,000 we hear are already on the books—worked as advertised. There isn’t any criminal act you can commit with a firearm that isn’t already illegal. If only those laws did something to stop crime! We’d be safer, and the left wouldn’t be out there, all alone you might have noticed, pressing for still more laws to do what those laws aren’t doing.

The worst part—new gun laws being proposed don’t even confront crime. They don’t have to, because the crimes are already outlawed. But I repeat myself. The new laws make crimes out of things that aren’t crime—by banning legal activity Americans do every day. Look at gun-transfer laws, pitched as more background checks* for example, the current rallying cry of more-gun-law proponents.

It’s already illegal for criminals to transfer guns, buy guns, have guns, giveaway guns, get guns, anything. More background checks will increasingly burden the innocent, but it won’t disarm or stop criminals who are already armed. Enhanced enforcement and arrests will have that desired effect, but these aren’t proposed.

Armed criminals are armed now despite all the laws banning it already. You do understand that, don’t you? Such questions are mysteriously not posed to gun-control advocates by the media. Instead, reporters virtually cheerlead and campaign for new laws that will incrementally disarm or subarm the public.

Ah, common sense which is such a significant ingredient in wisdom, which, today, is growing very rare. Common sense is the cure for must foolishness, but, in a society where so many gain “knowledge” through emotionally based talking points, well you know………..

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