Just a quick note about the media narrative about “violence” at Trump events

Anyone who knows me, knows I find Trump to be a carnival barking douchebag. And many of his supporters are well intended people, who to me, are falling for political stunts and an empty suit telling them what they want to hear. And yes, some Trump supporters are just fools and nasty people who attack anyone who dares question their “savior”. In short, I detest Trump, his lies, his tactics, are to me beneath contempt. But I value the truth, and the media, and the Left, simply is not telling the truth about these protests or the vermin taking part in them.

But, this nonsense the media has been pushing about the “anti-Trump
protesters” California has to stop. These events are not the fault or doing of Trump supporters, nor are they protests.
These are thuggish actions by thugs. Legitimate protesters do not burn, loot, assault, throw rocks, or damage police cars. They are simply thugs taking advantage of an opportunity to act out their violent impulses.These “protesters” are the very worst types of people who victimize everyone they can, and a good number of them are likely the very same types of trash, yes, I said trash who looted Ferguson, and Baltimore, causing harm to good, decent people. Sadly, I expect more of this type of thing, and not less, is in our nations future. And that will not change unless our law enforcement officers are allowed to do their jobs of protecting and serving.

Team Obama, of course, bears much of the responsibility for neutering law enforcement, and for the rule of law. Rather than being honest brokers about the shootings of Michael Brown, or Trayvon Martin, and others, the Obama administration has turned to race baiting rhetoric far too often. Rather than supporting the officer who justifiably shot Michael Brown, or the armed citizen who shot Martin in self-defense, the Left, again led by Democrats have continued to perpetualte false narratives of innocent “unarmed” Black youths who were “gunned down” by racist police officers or armed vigilantes. Rather than supporting the right of self-defense, the Left, again, led by Obama, has continued to blame gun owners, the NRA, and the millions of Americans who legally carry firearms for “gun violence”.

The fact is we do not have a gun violence issue, we have a gang issue, we have an issue of thug culture, and we have an issue with the Left, and the media excusing bad behavior, like looting, rioting, and burning down businesses and calling for more dead cops, while condeming law enforecement for doing their jobs, and demonizing armed citizens, who use their guns to stop hundreds of thousands if not millions of times annually. Rather than attacking the problem, the left has, again, chosen to attack American values, like law and order, and the right of self-defense.

Rather than strongly condeming rioters and thugs, the left has offered up excuses for such depraved behavior. Rather than shining the light on race baiters and agitators like Al Sharpton, DeRay  McKesson, and many others, the media has largely overlooked the facts, and has even given these miscreants air time to explaig their “grievances”.At the same time CNN, MSNBS, and others have allowed left leaning talking heads to continually perpetuate the lies about their false narratives like “hands up, don’t shoot” without challenging their talking points. The left might spread their egregious falsehoods, but the media is largely complicit in such a campaign. They could easily tell the truth, but choose not to.

So, get ready America, get ready for more thuggery, more violence, and more agitation from the left. The truth is not a value for the Left, and neither is the “peace” they always talk about. The only thing of real value for them, is power

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