Some rights are “more equal” than others

William Teach lays bare the left’s perverse definition of equality

Fox News’ Todd Starnes offers some fundamental questions in the Bathroom Wars

Do the rights of boys who identify as girls trump the rights of girls who are born girls?

That question is at the heart of a lawsuit filed by dozens of Illinois parents after the Obama administration’s Department of Education strong-armed their school district into allowing a transgender student the right to use all girls’ locker rooms.

“The girls are mortified,” said Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Jeremy Tedesco, a religious liberty law firm representing some 50 families. “They are in a constant state of fear that their bodies are going to be exposed to a male in these settings. It’s a constant state of stress and anxiety for them.”

Some girls have taken to wearing their gym clothes under their regular clothes. Some wait till the last minute for gym. Some avoid the changing rooms altogether. Many are concerned about using the bathrooms. And many are bullied and called names because they do not want to show their bodies to a biological male who thinks he is a girl.

In 2015 the DOE warned the Township High School District 211 in Palatine that unless they gave a biologically male student unfettered access to the girls’ locker rooms – they would revoke $6 million in federal funding.

In other words, the Obama administration committed a de facto act of extortion.

AS I have said before, the Left will, if allowed, empower the State to enforce “equality”, and when the State is given that much power liberties are lost. This, of course pleases the left to no end, as individual liberties are at the top of their hit list. And the war on gender is not the only path they are using. Oh no, they are, as The Other McCain notes, in the process of regulating sex

“Affirmative consent”:

If you’re a college student in Connecticut and want to have consensual sex, you might want to leave the state to do it.
The Legislature approved an “affirmative consent” bill Wednesday night that now goes to Democratic Gov. Dannel Malloy, a proponent of the idea that sex is rape if one partner does not get the other partner’s repeated and mutually-agreed upon consent throughout the act.

The problem with “affirmative consent” is that such laws make it practically impossible to use circumstantial evidence as a defense against an accusation of rape. It is not enough to show that a woman voluntarily went to a man’s dorm room with the intent to have sex; it must be shown that she agreed to engage in specific sex acts. Thus, “affirmative consent” shifts the burden of proof so decisively against the accused that the accusation alone suffices as proof of guilt. All sex is effectively illegal, requiring only an accusation to make your hookup a crime.

Ashe Schow at the Washington Examiner:

From the moment the students are about to touch, they would have to ask: “May I kiss you?” “May I touch you here?” etc. . . .
The policy decouples context from the totality of the sexual experience. If a student fails to ask for permission before one escalation, but asks for it for a different escalation, the entire encounter can be considered sexual assault. If a student has been drinking (the bill doesn’t require an accuser to prove they were incapacitated), then all consent is negated. Further, once someone is accused, their level of intoxication doesn’t matter, even if under the same policy they could be considered too incapacitated to consent. . . .
Past sexual encounters between two people also don’t count as consent, so even people in years-long relationships are required to follow these rules or they’ve committed rape (unless, of course, no one reports it).
That’s the thing about these policies: No one has sex this way, which means every student (even the accusers) are sexual assaulters and sexual assault victims. . . .
All an accuser has to do is claim they were too drunk and that they were not asked for consent and the accused is considered guilty, thanks to pressure from the federal government. Following this policy to the letter means nothing if an accuser claims one did not follow it precisely.

Recall that for decades now, the Left has accused Conservatives of wanting to bring the government into our bedrooms. In fact, once again, it is the Left, trying to regulate sex. If you are wondering what the left hates about America, just chalk up anything normal, like sex, as a target.

2 thoughts on “Some rights are “more equal” than others

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  2. Rights are shallow in the Police State of Amerika. We will fix that with a TRUMP 2016 Presidency. Doug won’t like that statement. Who cares? He is increasingly irrelevant. That is up to him…

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