Well leftist are pretty damn irritating

Via Wyblog

New York City councilman Brad Lander (D-Brooklyn) is largely responsible for the plastic bag fee about to hit the Big Apple. And why is he so gung-ho about it? Because he wants the government to “irritate” you.

“It works by irritating us into changing our behavior,” Lander said of the bag tax.

It works by irritating us. There can be some debate about the accuracy of one of those verbs, but not the other. Government, when it’s being honest, acknowledges it isn’t your buddy, your helper, your protector, your go-to source for inspiration and dreams.

Nope, the government is now proudly proclaiming itself your irritant. Let me suggest a very slight rewording of Lander’s remark: “Our work is irritating you.” And let it be inscribed in granite in public places.

This is the Progressive Democrats’ raison d’etra, to irritate you.

And of course to signal how virtuous they are.

Do they care if their irritants cause real hardships for real people?

Don’t make me laugh.

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