Your Self-Defense Story of the Day

Via Bearing Arms

A concealed carry holder in Texas was forced to make a tough decision Wednesday to end a violent outburst after a man destroyed property and threatened staff.

It happened on the fifth floor of the Community Health Choice building at 2636 South Loop in Houston, TX where police say the violent man had an appointment with a counselor at a center for people with mental disabilities.

Authorities say the staff decided to reschedule because he said he wasn’t feeling well. The man left and came back within half an hour and had a “mental episode,” according to police.

“Yelling, making demands, kicking on the doors, kicked in the glass door, totally damaged,” said HPD Detective Willis Huff.“Probably a frightening situation for many.”

The staff, mostly women, felt threatened so they locked the doors. That’s when the man went next door to a tax consulting business. The owner of the business told authorities he became frightened when the man lunged at him, and that’s when he fired a single shot, striking the man in the chest, killing him.

Valid self-defense uses of firearms far outnumber criminal uses, do not allow the media false narrative to deceive you

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