If the Trump camp wishes to unite, then they should stop this type of thing

William teach highlights another troubling tactic from Team Trump

What is concerning, though, is this

(Politico) Donald Trump’s campaign is considering hitting his Republican enemies where it hurts: Their wallets.

As Trump moves to work in closer concert with the Republican National Committee apparatus, some campaign aides and allies are pushing him to block lucrative party contracts from consultants who worked to keep him from winning the nomination, according to four sources familiar with the discussions.

“The Never Trump vendors and supporters shouldn’t be in striking distance of the RNC, any of its committees or anyone working on behalf of Donald Trump,” said a Trump campaign official.

So, basically we are talking blacklisting here. Look, I am not a fan of political consultants in many cases, but this is wrong. Teach lays it out very well

It should concern Republicans that, even before Trump is the official GOP presidential nominee, he is already showing authoritarian convictions, looking to punish his “enemies”. This is shades of Obama, who talked of punishing enemies and rewarding friends. Who has used his bully pulpit, and the power of the federal government, to punish his enemies….well, domestic ones, not enemies of the United States…and reward his friends. Is this where Donald wants to take the GOP? Punishing the actual Conservative base, along with some Libertarians and plain old Republicans, simply because they refuse to get on-board the Trump Train.

Many Republican voters are concerned about Trump’s big government, domineering, authoritative stances. This blacklist talk certainly givers credence to their concerns, and sure won’t help in bringing them around to vote for him. But, then, Trump doesn’t seem interested in Conservatives of any stripe, including those who revere the Constitution. He’s more interested in wooing Democrats and Bernie Sanders supporters. Maybe there’s a reason for #NeverTrump.

Sadly, I fear this type of crap will never stop, because this IS what Trump is. What is that they say about leopards and changing their spots? Exactly! And think of this. The campaign is over, Trump won, why is he still dividing? Focus on Hillary, rather than those who “did you wrong” Mr. Trump. In other words start acting like a leader rather than a spiteful child. 

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