Again, BLM shows itself to be nothing but leftist thugs

Via Campus Reform we find this story

The Dartmouth College Republicans undertook a three week process to gain proper approval for the use of a bulletin board in Collis, Dartmouth’s student center. The administration granted approval for a Blue Lives Matter display in honor of National Police Week for a period of two weeks between May 2 and May 15.

The display, pictured below,was put up early afternoon of May 12th, then the thugs got word of it


Around 9:00 AM: News of the display gained traction on social media. One post stated in reference to the bulletin board, “In case recent news about inclusivity and diversity had you fooled, Dartmouth is still racist. Located in the student center atrium.”

Around 11:00 AM: A group of students, claiming that they were acting independently of one another so as to absolve themselves of collective responsibility, removed the College Republicans’ Blue Lives Matter display, replacing it with four flyers that state, “You cannot co-opt the movement against state violence to memorialize its perpetrators. #blacklivesmatter.”

In the intervening hours, dozens more flyers appeared, completely covering not only the College Republicans’ bulletin board, but nearby bulletin boards as well. The flyers also appeared at various locations around the campus, including the main entrance to Baker-Berry Library as well as the main entrance to Collis.

The thugs, then “stood guard”

The group of students who vandalized the College Republicans’ bulletin board continuously monitored the scene, ostensibly to guard the bulletin board and to prevent the College Republicans from retaking the space. The size and composition of the group changed throughout the day, but the group remained there past 6 PM.

And, of course, the college leadership did nothing but coddle the miscreants

Anna Hall, the Director of the Collis Center, emailed and met with the College Republicans to discuss how to proceed. Initially, they discussed the feasibility of taking down the Black Lives Matter flyers at around 3:00 PM. However, no type of administrative response or action was forthcoming. When a Black Lives Matter display was defaced in the Fall, the administration responded with swift condemnation, exposing a clear double standard in how the administration treats different viewpoints.

The College Republicans met again with Ms. Hall. Seeking to avoid a confrontation, they proposed that Safety and Security be the ones to enforce the College’s policies governing the use of bulletin boards and remove the flyers. Ms. Hall informed the College Republicans that it would be within their right to take down the Black Lives Matter flyers themselves, although it might not be advisable. Ms. Hall contacted her supervisor, Associate Dean for Student Life Eric Ramsey, as well as Safety and Security for recommendations as to how to proceed.

Around 4:00-5:00 PM: Once again, Ms. Hall met with the College Republicans to discuss a resolution to the situation. Ms. Hall and an unidentified staff member spoke to the Black Lives Matter protesters, strongly informing them that they were in clear violation of College policy, as the College Republicans had the bulletin board reserved and were in the right. The students responded that they were aware of the violation but were unwilling to remove their flyers. After conferring with Safety and Security and Mr. Ramsey, Ms. Hall informed the College Republicans that the College wanted to avoid confrontation and recommended that the flyers not be removed that day. Instead, maintenance staff would remove the flyers overnight, after which the College Republicans would have use of the board.

In short, they did nothing. they did not make clear that the thuggish behavior would not be tolerated. Instead they punted and thus encouraged and in fact sanctioned future acts of Leftist thuggery. Whether because they sympathize with the actions of the BLM crowd, or whether out of fear, the actions of the college leadership is shameful and serves as an example of how NOT to handle those that blatantly break rules.

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