Take a peek at what far-Left scum is behind “Under the Gun”

Yes, Katie Couric lied, as did her director, but that should not be any surprise. the media will never do any “documentary” on firearms, self-defense, concealed carry, or any other issue concerning guns in a fair fashion. Independent Sentinel looks at who was behind “Under the Gun”

Documentary is defined as a movie or a television or radio program that provides a factual record or report.
There were people behind this who are on the far-left of gun control – the ‘partners’:

Americans for Responsible Solutions; Brady Campaign to prevent gun violence; Everytown for gun safety [Michael Bloomberg]; Sandy Hook Promise; Moms Demand Action; Violence Policy Center; Purpose Over Pain; Jessi’s Message; WAVE; Arizonans for gun safety, Maine Moms Demand Action; Michigan Coalition to Prevent Gun violence; San Diego Chapter Brady Campaign; There’s Gun Sense; God Before Guns; Michigan Million Mom March Chapter; OCACV; Organizing for Action [Obama’s PAC]; Manhattan Chapter Brady Campaign; NYAGV.

Bloomberg actually has a fake ‘news service’ to run alongside the activities of his anti-gun groups like Everytown.

The documentary was the official selection at Sundance [Soros-funded], San Francisco, HotDocs, and winner of  Boulder International Film Festival.

The film is being praised  and that’s not an accident.

Mother Jones, the Soros-funded far-left online publication wrote about the film, “Masterfully crafted…the details are mind-boggling […] the film is nothing if not comprehensive.” They had quotes from the usual Sandy Hook parents, and even an alleged Republican who is a licensed gun dealer, repeatedly claiming the facts bear out their point of view.

So, in short a vipers nest of Leftists did a massive hatchet job on gun rights, gun owners, gun dealers, and created a infomercial for gun control. And, for those waiting for the rest of the media to do its damn job, and expose this fraud, I hope you enjoy crickets chirping.

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