I guess some generals do not take their oaths very seriously

Shame on General Patraeus

Oh hi, General Petraeus!

We were just talking about you.

Gen. David Petraeus and retired astronaut Mark Kellyannounced Friday they are forming a new gun control group for veterans.

The Veterans Coalition for Common Sense will push to strengthen gun background check laws and help prevent veterans from committing suicide. It pointed to several alarming statistics about the military and gun violence.

In addition to Petraeus, the former CIA director, and Kelly, a number of other generals and admirals will join the group, including another former CIA director, Michael Hayden, and retired Adm. Thad Allen.

Shilling for universal background checks has nothing at all to do with stopping military suicides, which tend to take place with firearms that veterans have long-owned after passing background checks.

If Petreasonous gave a damn about the soldiers and Marines that once served under him, he’d be fighting to get them the service they need from a Veterans Administration that seems equal parts incompetent and uncaring.

But he didn’t do that, did he?

Instead, he and the other Blue Falcons are happy to betray their oaths of office in order to attack the right to bear arms for both civilians and servicemen alike.

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