Apparently Trans Genders are more equal than Lesbians

William Teach is SHOCKED that an outspoken Lesbian has been thrown under the Bus of Liberal Tolerance

Why, you ask? She’s not sufficiently pious to the belief that people who are gender confused should be allowed to use whatever bathroom, locker room, and shower they want whenever they want (and that little problem of bad people taking advantage of the idiotic policies)

(Washington Times) Miriam Ben-Shalom was invited to serve as grand marshal of the Milwaukee Pride Parade, but that was before event organizers noticed the lesbian activist’s outspoken opposition to transgender-inclusive bathroom policies on social media.

Event organizers said Ms. Ben-Shalom’s criticisms of the transgender movement disqualify her from leading the parade.

“Her mindsets don’t line up with ours at this time,” Brent Holmes, who coordinates the parade, told FOX6.

Ms. Ben-Shalom is a renowned figure in the gay-rights movement. She was the first gay military service member to be reinstated after being discharged over her sexuality, and her activism includes twice chaining herself to the White House fence in protest of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

Free Thought and a difference of opinion are Wrongthink, and is Not Allowed

“If I have to march in lock step to some political line, then to heck with it,” she told FOX6. “Because I don’t march in lock step.”

So, the new mantra of the Left is conform or be gone


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