Here is some great advice: Let’s all stink to save the earth!

Via Moonbattery

One of the many bizarre beliefs apparently held by enviromoonbats is that water is not a renewable resource. We drink the same water dinosaurs drank, yet progressives prefer to believe that the water disappearing down your shower drain is lost forever, as if it travels down the pipe into a different dimension. Consequently, we are told that we should neglect our hygiene in order to demonstrate our reverence for the environment:

Reducing the frequency of showers (and the number of cleansing products used) has very real implications for our environment. …

It’s becoming clear that clean water is one of the world’s most valuable commodities, and one that will soon be in short supply. Add in the environmental toll of all those body wash bottles, and you’ve got yourself a handful of very compelling reasons to let your body go au naturel.

You can still wash your hands, and you don’t need to quit showering altogether like Atlantic senior editor James Hamblin boasts of doing, but…

Skip a few showers, put down the soap, and let those lovely little bacteria biomes flourish a little, would you?

Good Freaking Grief!

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