Your Self-Defense Story of the Day

Don’t mess with the Coca Cola guy!

When two thieves tried to steal a truck bed full of soda from a Coke truck, the driver, who happened to be an armed citizen, had other plans.

The Coke-a-Cola delivery driver was inside a Family Dollar Store in Memphis, TN when the sugar-hungry thieves started loading the drinks into their truck. When he exited the store, the two ran off.

While still in the parking lot, the delivery driver was approached by 19-year-old Dashun Dye when he returned for his vehicle, aggressively threatening him. Fearing for his life, the delivery driver pulled his gun and shot him.

Following the incident, Memphis Police Police detained the 34-year-old shooter, but quickly released him without pressing charges.

“My brother did not deserve to get shot eight times,” Dye’s sister, Monitra Cage, said.

Well, do not threaten an armed citizen, and you will not get an allergic reaction to bullets. Seems pretty simple doesn’t it?




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