Another terror attack, and the Left still refuses to grasp the threat

Joseph Klein how the Left refuses to see the threat of radical Islam

The Left is attempting to paint the Orlando massacre as primarily an attack on the gay community, made possible by easy access to guns. That is, according to the Left’s narrative, homophobia and gun violence are the ingredients that lit the fuse. Typical of this distorted way of thinking was the New York Times lead editorial on June 14th, which claimed the United States was being “terrorized again – and again, and again, and again – by the uniquely deadly combination of twisted hatred and weapons of mass destruction as easily available as cough medicine.”

This gross oversimplification plays down the role of ISIS-inspired jihad in fueling the massacre. The shooter, Omar Mateen, pledged allegiance to ISIS, drawing on its strict interpretation of sharia law to justify his rampage.

Some have attributed Mateen’s choice of a gay nightclub as his target to self-loathing for his own possible homosexual tendencies. However, that would not explain why he and his wife cased a Disney theme park in April as a possible location for his attack. Disney reportedly informed the FBI of what their surveillance had picked up, to no avail. Is it just a coincidence that, last January, a Muslim with two handguns and copy of the Koran was arrested at Disneyland Paris? More likely, it demonstrates how jihadists are targeting soft targets popular with tourists for maximum effect, especially those associated with “decadent” Western consumerism.

Moreover, there is the timing of Mateen’s attack. It came just three days after it was revealed that a pro-Isis group had issued a threat against U.S. civilians, including specifically in Florida. And last month, an ISIS spokesman called for lone wolf attacks by its sympathizers in Europe and the U.S. during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan “to win the great award of martyrdom.” Ramadan started a week before Mateen’s attack. If, as has been reported, Mateen had been a frequent visitor to the nightclub for whatever reason, he evidently skipped multiple opportunities to conduct his killing spree and waited for the start of Ramadan, as ISIS leaders had instructed.

Mateen was responding to the same radical Islamic ideology that led two illegal immigrants from Tunisia, who were ISIS followers, to stab a 26-year-old transgender man in Brussels the day before the Orlando attack. And it was the same radical Islamic ideology that led a man claiming allegiance to ISIS to stab a police official and his companion to death in France a day after the Orlando attack, while repeating ISIS’s call to turn the Euro 2016 football tournament being held in France into “a graveyard.”

The common denominator of these attacks, along with the suicide bombings and shootings in Paris and Brussels, the bombings at the Boston Marathon, the massacres in Fort Hood, Chattanooga, San Bernardino, and so many more around the globe, is not homophobia. It is not random gun violence. It is the jihadist ideology of radical Islam, and the hatred for our way of life that inspires violence to destroy it.

Go read it all, it is powerful, and lays bare how the Left thinks, or, should we say refuses to think. I saw an example of this at work just today. Three people were discussing the Orlando attack, and they all agreed, passionately, that it wold be wrong to place any blame on Islam in any way. One fellow, even started the all religions have their terrorists narrative. Taking an opportunity, I asked when was the last time a Christian, Jew, or Buddhist had committed such an atrocity in the name of their religion. The man was shocked at the very thought that he would be questioned, and told me that the evil man that killed 12 in a Colorado theater was a Christian. I am not sure how this gentleman knows this, but it exposes how the mind of the Left works. The Colorado shooter never proclaimed he did his evil deed for Jesus, or that the Bible inspired him, yet, because the shooter is an American apparently, and because this fellow needed to support his “you best not blame Islam” narrative, the shooter is a “Christian”.

This is how the Left’s thinking goes. They attach themselves, often emotionally, to a narrative, refusing to even consider any alternative. This same fellow, for example, was all too ready to blame guns, and America of course. I pointed out how America’s violent crime, and homicide rates are falling, even as far more people are carrying guns, and gun sales are growing rapidly. This gentleman, of course, simply brushed the data aside, insisting that we have mass shootings every day. To him, the facts were inconvenient, so he simply closed his mind to those facts. 

Another one of the three remarked how sad he felt for the terrorist who slaughtered those Americans in Orlando. He was sad, it seems, because the terrorist had given both himself, and Islam a bad name. Those 50 people killed in cold blood? Oh, that was sad too, but apparently not as bad as some people daring to draw a correlation between radical Islam and terrorism. Moral retardation anyone?

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