Let’s meet some victims of gun violence shall we?

Ah the left in general and the Cult of Gun Control loves to throw around words like “gun violence”. They do so to scare people, to convince them that gun violence is a national epidemic. And, if you are an American who does not know much about firearms then you might buy into this propaganda. But, the fact is that the national rates of homicide, accidental shootings, and violent crime have been falling for two decades plus now. At the same time the number of Americans legally carrying pistols has been increasing, the number now is somewhere north of 13,000. At the same time gun sales have been booming. More and more of us are arming ourselves. And yet, despite the dire predictions of the gun grabbers more guns have come with falling violent crime and murder rates.

These facts, of course, do not deter the left, as the left does not value truth. The Cult of Gun Control ignores inconvenient facts and simply pushes their campaign of lies harder. Allow me one example here. The gun control crowd talks about “victims”of gun violence, giving anyone who listens the impression that these “victims” are all innocent people. In fact, the victims of “gun violence” the left lists anyone shot, period. Criminals shot by police, or by armed citizens acting in self-defense are included, as are gang bangers who shoot each other. Even terrorists like the Boston bombers or the Orlando Jihadists are included as “victims”. Even vermin like this is a “victim”

Around 2:00 Thursday morning  East Ridge police department responded to 4011 Ringgold Rd., at the Marathon Service Station.

Police were initially called for a report of a person shot. While officers were in route to the scene, they were notified of a robbery at the same location.

Police found a person lying in the parking lot suffering from at least one gunshot wound in the torso. The victim was transported to the hospital.

The preliminary investigation shows the victim who was shot had entered the store and committed an aggravated robbery, armed with a large bladed weapon. The person then demanded money from the register, taking it and a large quantity of cigarettes.

The suspected robber grabbed the female store clerk, threatening to kill her and forcing her to accompany him as he left.  As they exited the store a customer saw the two and determined the store was being robbed.

The customer went to get a handgun from his car, confronted the robber and fired several shots, hitting him at least once in the torso.

This “victim” died, but his intended victim lives. Is that not something to celebrate? Yet, the Cult of Gun Control members try to make a victim out of a dangerous, violent thug while discounting that firearms are used hundreds of thousands of times every year to stop crime and save REAL victims. The media, typically, partners with the cultists in this narrative propaganda. Bob Owens ain’t having that

When the good guy with a gun confronted the robber, the thwarted and enraged robber let go of his hostage and charged the law-abiding citizen. The citizen promptly shot the criminal to the ground, ending the threat.

The criminal died at the hospital.

Supporters of gun control will chalk this incident up as “another American killed with a gun.”

They won’t care to mention that the “killer” was a good guy with a gun” who put his own life at risk to save an innocent store clerk from a violent criminal.

That doesn’t fit the narrative.

The fact is guns are tools, nothing more. They are not evil, or good. They can be used to serve evil purposes, or good purposes. And, truth be told, they are used far more often for good, than for evil. There are less victims because of guns in the hands of law-abiding Americans That the left lies, knowingly lies, and tries to demonize guns should tell you all you need to know about the left! The sad fact is this, to the left law-abiding citizens owning or carrying firearms is a bigger threat than violent criminals.

Moral retardation anyone?

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