Oh shut the Hell up Sarah Palin!

Sarah wants her publicity

Literally, this is how her Facebook post begins:


Message to all the “Republican” elites throwing in for Hillary, boasting they’ll stay home instead of vote because their particular weakened good ol’ boy is not the GOP nominee (the R.A.T.s suffering chappedass because their power and purse are threatened by the grassroots movement to destroy their failed politics-as-usual), Hillary thanks you. She knows she can’t win without you.

– Sarah Palin

Yes, I am voting for Trump, yes, because Benghazi Hillary is worse. To me it is the best course we can take. But let me be clear here Sarah, I know some very solid and great Conservatives, who, unlike you, are principled and care about the country more than they do publicity. You, Sarah, are unfit to question their character, or Conservatism frankly. So spare me your gum flapping. Spare me your finger wagging. If you wish to give advice, tell Trump to act like a leader, and an adult and stop attacking Conservatives.

One thought on “Oh shut the Hell up Sarah Palin!

  1. “You, Sarah, are unfit to question their character, or Conservatism frankly. ”

    Shucky darn, I believe any one of us ‘we the people’, including Sarah, should always question.

    Admittedly ‘traitor’ is a bit harsh but I fully believe it applies to most of our elected officials, including, I am quite sad to say, most who call themselves conservative, who have sworn to uphold the constitution yet consistently vote to erode and destroy it.

    I don’t know about you but I’m quite old enough to remember that JFK’s Democrat party was far far to the right of today’s GOP. Now that’s really sad.

    & your noting her: “Message to all … boasting they’ll stay home instead of vote because their particular weakened good ol’ boy is not the GOP nominee… Hillary … can’t win without you.”

    & as you’re holding your nose & voting for Trump, I think we both agree that’s true, those who refuse to vote as a matter of principal have a good chance of putting crookedkillary in office and that, in my carefully considered opinion, would be the end of the United States of America.

    Now here is were we most probably disagree; We all know there is a strong movement among ‘conservatives’ to, by any means possible, take Trump of the ticket at the GOP convention. Quite frankly, at this stage of the game, I do not think another candidate, be it Cruz, another Bush, -or the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln would have the chance of a snowball in hell of beating the machine, the MSM, the wicked witch of the east. I do think Trump, with all our support can beat her.

    Yes I’d like to see Trump be ‘more presidential’ but none the less, even if he put on a red clown nose and quacked like a duck on national TV, I’ve vote him over ‘I’m a woman, hear me cough’.

    & back to Palin: I’ve met the lady, talked with her standing on a frozen river at ten or twenty below zero, and I think she does care more about the country than publicity. I read her post that you referenced and I read it as an effort to get the #nevertrumps up off their big fat principals and out there at the polling booths come November.

    Our Conservative tent is big enough to hold Palins, Trumps, Milos, Cruzes & even you and me, Gatorman.

    Last but not least, a reminder to all our Democrat, progressive, SJW, friends; put it on your calendars, don’t forget to get out there and vote Hillary as President December 8!

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