RAAAAACISM alert. National Fried Chicken Day?

Well, noted whiny little bitch Jesse Williams might lose his mind, or what is left of it over this, And yes, Feminists are sure to be offended as well

Of course fried chicken is Southern food, perfected and enjoyed by, well Southerners no matter their pigmentation, but the race baiters get their collective panties in a bunch every time anyone mentions fried chicken, so a National Fried Chicken Day? Oh Lawdy get the Kleenex and Pampers ready!! 

Of course, I must, at this time pay homage to the greatest fried chicken, biscuits, black eyes peas, and peach pie, and peach preserves in the history of cuisine, cooked by my Great Aunt Flora, who is now, no doubt executive chef in Heaven, where such foods are actually delicious and good for you, because HEAVEN! Also, surely my Grandmothers collards and cornbread are surely enjoyed by the angels as well.

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