Your Sunday at the Links. It is getting stupid out there

Mike McDaniel kicks off our trek into the Left’s Alternate Universe with college inanity

Pirates Cove has the greatness of the Sorta Blogless Sunday Pin Up Post

Bookworm has Hillary Illustrated, God I hope there is not a centerfold

Independent Sentinel: Why yes, Black Lives Matter is dangerous

Noisy Room: The Left and Manufactured Racism 

Puma by Design warns of a marriage between Islamists and Radical Leftists

90 Miles asks if you can help fight Vegetarianism

Ted mourns the Rule of Law

Fritz ponders if the Left will put their money where their lying mouths are

American Thinker notes what the media ignores, Black on Cop violence

Animal Daily News by Animal Magnetism

Bearing Arms: THIS is why we should wait for all the evidence

Campus Reform has a round up from University of Stoopit! 

Daniel Greenfield: Divest from Palestine

Diogenes: Tell me why I should care about BLM

Doug Giles: The video that is pissing of the Left

Matthew Vadum has a MUST READ at Doug Ross

Dyspepsia has some Democratic Distractions

EBL Hot Women Hot Coffee

Fire Andrea Mitchell: Black Thug attacks off-duty cop, dies from severe allergic reaction to lead

Goodstuffs celebrates Jeri Ryan

Big Fur Hat notes that the word “step” is now evil

Moonbattery: Newt, please shut up

PCP has laughs

Proof Positive has the Best of the Web!

Reaganite has FUNNIES!

Rio Norte does not know what its like to be well you know

Lonely Conservative has laughs

The Other McCain has this troubling story

The Right Scoop. Enough votes to free GOP delegates?

Right Way has Rule 5


One thought on “Your Sunday at the Links. It is getting stupid out there

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