Oh for God’s sake, can’t our President stop wagging his finger at us?

Oh of course he can’t, as William Teach points out

Unsurprisingly, Obama used the memorial for a murdered Dallas police officer to get all sorts of political. Heyammered on about racism, blaming Other People. He yammered on about gun control, even saying it was easier to get a Glock than a book. He took shots at the police. As Charles Cooke noted

This, remember, was a funeral — a funeral for one of the police officers who was murdered last Thursday. It wasn’t a rally. It wasn’t a White House press conference. It wasn’t a public statement, hastily arranged on the airport tarmac. It was a funeral. Presumably, those attending had all sorts of political opinions. Presumably, some of the cops were Republicans. Presumably, there was some serious disagreement in that room as to how the country should move forward. Wouldn’t it have been better to wait until the proceedings were over to call for change? Wouldn’t it have been more politically effective for the president to have made his push somewhere else?

Yes, it would

(Daily Caller) President Obama referred to himself 45 times over the course of the speech he delivered Tuesday at the memorial service for the five police officers killed in Dallas last week.

Forty-five times? Really? But to me the most insulting line is this

Got that? We are to blame, America is to blame for “flooding” communities with guns. What an incredible pile of bovine excrement that is. The fact is, Mr. President, thugs in those communities, gang bangers in those communities acquire firearms ILLEGALLY, then commit violent crimes. And, when the police act to stop them, they are attacked for “police brutality” and RAAAAACISM, for shooting those “good boys”. And then, when those officers are killed serving those communities, we get to hear you smear them while you wag your finger and blame America.

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