Ann Coulter cheers loss of Tea Party Republican

Question of the day, did Coulter sell out her Conservative principles, or did she ever have any? The Right Scoop looks at this

Last night Tea Party conservative Tim Huelskamp lost his primary bid in the Kansas Primary to Republican establishment hack Roger Marshall. Levin says Huelskamp was targeted by the Washington DC GOP, the Chamber of Commerce, and other special interest groups.

And now Trump supporters like Ann Coulter are celebrating the loss of Huelskamp…because he didn’t support Trump:

There you go folks, anyone who did not support Trump must go now. Tea Party, Screw those guys right Ann?

2 thoughts on “Ann Coulter cheers loss of Tea Party Republican

  1. Steve Bailey

    Huelskamp was elected by the Tea Party that delivered House and Senate majorities and he and the party failed to produce
    even mild resistance to the Obama agenda. He would have lost
    anyway but failure to back his party candidate turned it into
    a landslide. 57-43 is called failure to do his job.

  2. WalkingHorse

    It appears Huelskamp did two things wrong – (1) talked a good game and didn’t deliver once in office, and (2) became a #NeverTrumper (implicit pro-Hillary).

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