More Leftist Indoctrination for Kids

The Left is using public education to destroy Individualism

As part of a nationwide effort to develop government standards for kids’ feelings, social behavior, and relationships, Tennessee public K-12 schools will establish “safe spaces where students can go to calm down without feeling like they’re being punished,”reports Chalkbeat Tennessee. On college campuses  so-called “safe spaces” have become widely mocked as “First-Amendment-free zones,” progressive thought ghettos, and even prime locations for hate crimes.

Tennessee is working with seven other states to develop “social-emotional learning” requirements, something like a non-academic version of Common Core, with the privately and government-funded Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning. An additional 11 states that applied to join this project but didn’t make it will be given the materials the initial eight develop. You can bet your buttons it won’t stop there.

The behavior checklists and data reporting systems these states ultimately develop “will establish social and emotional learning as a priority in education,” Pat Conner, the Tennessee Education Department’s director of safe and supportive schools, told Chalkbeat. As part of this initiative, Georgia plans to update its annual survey of K-12 students to include more questions about their feelings and relationships.

Go read it all. It will frighten anyone who has, or will have children they care about in school

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