Your Must Read Post of the Day

Mike McDaniel is all over Obama and his war on our criminal justice system. Here is a tiny slice, please go read the whole thing

Many advocates of criminal-justice reform believe in maximum gun control, yet the White House press releases on the president’s commutations have been silent on the widespread incidence of illegal gun possession. It would seem that once someone becomes a member of the oppressed prisoner class, the gun issue becomes irrelevant.

Gun control has nothing to do with crime control. It’s all about taking away the constitutional rights of the law-abiding. It’s all about eliminating the fundamental, unalienable right to self-defense and giving absolute life and death powers to the likes of Barack Obama.

The Justice Department press release also does not reveal the offenders’ criminal history, history of violence, ties to drug cartels, or the sentencing judge’s recommendation. Written requests to the president from federal attorneys to make the process more transparent have gone unanswered.

All part of “fundamentally changing” America folks. This administration rants about stopping “gun violence” and preaches gun control for the law-abiding, while releasing violent felons, many of which committed actual acts of “gun violence”. It trashes police departments as racist and too quick to shoot, while soft-selling the deeds of criminals and those that defend them. It demands police departments be “re-trained” while never once demanding that the out of wedlock birth rate, or high violent crime rate in inner cities change. This administration does not seek positive change, it does not want “both sides” to do better, or to take responsibility. Those things are only demanded from police. Does our president ever talk about absent Black fathers? Or Black on Black homicide? Does he ever call out Black Lives Matter for their anti-law enforcement rhetoric? Does he ever mention that nearly half of violent crime is committed by young Black men? No, he doesn’t.

Instead our president blames guns. He blames guns. He blames the NRA, and by extension gun owners for the acts of criminals all while turning a blind eye to crime stats and while turning truly violent felons out of prison. Many of those turned out will, of course, go right back to criminal activities, and many will get illegal guns, and commit homicides, and, of course our president will blame guns, the NRA, and you. And of course, he will blame police, and our justice system, and talk about “disproportionate” convictions and prison sentences and go back to commuting sentences of violent felons.

Then, if more police are attacked, our president will blame guns, and the NRA, and you, and “dangerous rhetoric” except the anti-law enforcement he and his administration spew of course. Our president might even attend the funerals of police killed, and speak eloquently of their sacrifice, before blaming “systemic racism”, racial profiling, and America’s legacy of slavery and Jim Crow and of course guns.

And, when one of the violent felons our president let out of prison attempts another violent act and is shot by police, he will simply go back to square one and begin repeating the same blame America, blame racism, and blame guns mantra. And if one of those felons who is running free after Obama released them attacks an armed citizen, and is shot by that citizen, do you think Obama will praise that citizen? Or share stats on the number of defensive gun uses by Americans? Will he note that over 15 million Americans carry guns and never break laws, or use their weapons illegally? Will he note that large increases in concealed carry and gun ownership have been accompanied with falling crime rates, falling homicide rates, and falling rates of accidental deaths, and homicide by firearms? Or speak eloquently of the right of self-defense?  Of course not, because such people are not part of Obama’s American vision.

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