New gun time

Here it is, or a picture of one just like it


I know I will have some people ask why I bought an “assault weapon” or maybe why I “need” one of those.

Well here you go

1-For home defense The AR design is light, low-recoil, easy to shoot, easy to be accurate with and high capacity, yes that does matter.

2-It is fun to shoot, I cannot wait to get out to the range next weekend. Yes, firearms can be fun, relieve stress, and did I mention they are a blast to target shoot with?

3- Because I can, it is called liberty look it up

4- Because it is my responsibility to protect and my choice how to protect my home, my self, and family. 

5- Why did I buy a less expensive AR, like the Ruger. Well, I am not rich, I would have loved to buy a Sig, but the Ruger is about $500 less, so. Also Ruger makes excellent firearms so the reliability will be there.

6- Because self-defense is the most essential and fundamental human right. And while I understand that I likely will never have to use any firearm in that capacity, being as prepared for such an event is, to me common sense. I also pray that I never am forced to use any firearm in defense of myself or my family. Make no mistake, that is the very last thing I desire. However, I have had a gun pulled on me, and was forced to pull mine to ward off that attacker. Happily he ran away. But, again, preparedness is crucial. 

7-Because I want one of these, again, liberty, look it up!

11 thoughts on “New gun time

  1. Steve Moore

    Bought one of those earlier this year.
    Fisherman’s Warehouse offered them for under $500, and I couldn’t resist.
    You’re going to like it.

  2. PapaMAS

    Congrats on the purchase!

    I discovered decades ago the best way to respond to a lib asking, “But why do you NEED it?” is, “What other reason do I need besides I want to?” Drives them apoplectic.

  3. I own two AR-15s, and once or twice I’ve been asked by angry lefties why I “need” such a gun. My reply to petulant demands for justification are always “because f**k you, that’s why.”

    There’s no point arguing with these people. As my Grandpa used to say, “the more you mess with a turd, the more shit you get on you.”

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