New gun time

Here it is, or a picture of one just like it


I know I will have some people ask why I bought an “assault weapon” or maybe why I “need” one of those.

Well here you go

1-For home defense The AR design is light, low-recoil, easy to shoot, easy to be accurate with and high capacity, yes that does matter.

2-It is fun to shoot, I cannot wait to get out to the range next weekend. Yes, firearms can be fun, relieve stress, and did I mention they are a blast to target shoot with?

3- Because I can, it is called liberty look it up

4- Because it is my responsibility to protect and my choice how to protect my home, my self, and family. 

5- Why did I buy a less expensive AR, like the Ruger. Well, I am not rich, I would have loved to buy a Sig, but the Ruger is about $500 less, so. Also Ruger makes excellent firearms so the reliability will be there.

6- Because self-defense is the most essential and fundamental human right. And while I understand that I likely will never have to use any firearm in that capacity, being as prepared for such an event is, to me common sense. I also pray that I never am forced to use any firearm in defense of myself or my family. Make no mistake, that is the very last thing I desire. However, I have had a gun pulled on me, and was forced to pull mine to ward off that attacker. Happily he ran away. But, again, preparedness is crucial. 

7-Because I want one of these, again, liberty, look it up!

11 thoughts on “New gun time

  1. Bought one of those earlier this year.
    Fisherman’s Warehouse offered them for under $500, and I couldn’t resist.
    You’re going to like it.

  2. Congrats on the purchase!

    I discovered decades ago the best way to respond to a lib asking, “But why do you NEED it?” is, “What other reason do I need besides I want to?” Drives them apoplectic.

  3. I own two AR-15s, and once or twice I’ve been asked by angry lefties why I “need” such a gun. My reply to petulant demands for justification are always “because f**k you, that’s why.”

    There’s no point arguing with these people. As my Grandpa used to say, “the more you mess with a turd, the more shit you get on you.”

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