French Police foil terror plot

Thank God

Police in Paris made several arrests on Wednesday morning in connection with an apparent terror plot that involved an abandoned car next to the Notre Dame Cathedral.

The vehicle was left this weekend outside of the medieval church, which is one of the most popular landmarks and tourist attractions in Paris. Police were alerted to the Peugeot 607 because it had no registration plates and was flashing its hazard lights, and even though they didn’t find an explosive device, they discovered seven full canisters of gas inside the vehicle.

Anti-terror officials told France 24 that they traced the vehicle to its owner, and have made at least two arrests over the incident. The car’s owner was reported as having been on a watch list of suspected religious extremists, and documents written in Arabic were also found inside the car.

“We think he may have been trying to carry out a test-run,” one official stated, according to BBC.

The bastards of Radical Islam will never stop

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