Latest threat to mankind? American BBQ!

To be clear, there is ONLY American BBQ, well actually BBQ is a Southern creation, but either way, an event at Ramapo College was called off because it was “too American” or something

Students at Ramapo College were recently forced to change the theme of an “American BBQ” because the administration deemed it too “offensive.”

According to emails obtained by Campus Reform, Ariana Rivera, the Assistant Residence Director of Bischoff Hall, sent an email to the College Republicans and the College Democrats on August 17 inviting the groups to co-sponsor an American-themed BBQ with Bischoff and Mackin Halls.

The proposal called for the CRs and CDs to run tables for their respective organizations at the event, as well as encouraging students to register to vote, and CR President Taylor Gilson responded almost immediately to affirm that her group would participate.

Well, this sounds pretty, well American, no wonder a few Leftist pantywastes came down with severe Offendeditis

However, on September 14, just two days before the scheduled event, Rivera wrote to Gilson, again, this time regretfully explaining that Bischoff Hall would no longer be co-sponsoring with the CRs because the American theme was “considered offensive.”

Rivera subsequently reported that the event would not be entirely cancelled, after all, but that it would have to be a standard BBQ

Sorry but I must ask what kind of degenerate is offended by a BBQ? OK maybe some Vegan might not be happy, but really, does anyone like Vegans? I think not. The real issue it seems was that the event struck some hypersensitive types as as too militaristic!

Gilson followed up by asking why the American theme was considered offensive, and if the concerns came from fellow students or administration.

“To be honest, I’m not sure. I think it was administrative,” Rivera replied. “I was told that our advertising was too ‘military and recruitment-oriented,’ because we had the Uncle Sam saying ‘I want you…’ I think? However, we saw other posters with that same idea, so I really don’t know.”

What can I say? Why do we allow such miscreants to have any power at all? Seriously folks, these imbeciles  can not brush their teeth without adult supervision! Sure they are too blame, but so are many of us for allowing this nonsense

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