More BLM hatred and bigotry

I was born and raised in the Tampa Bay area. Temple Terrace, Palm River, Ybor City Lithia, Pinecrest, Brandon, Riverview, and Plant City are all areas I spent years in and around. I left there in 1995 to come to Texas, but I still have so many memories. So, it was with a heavy heart that I read about this

Deputies found graffiti in Hillsborough County at two different locations.

One wall was hit along Gornto Lake Road in Brandon, with the phrase “kill white people” spray painted. Other tags read “black lives matter” and “BLM.”
A crew painted over the phrases.

“It’s uncalled for, there’s a way to protest, there’s a way not to, this is just, it hurts everybody,” Cat D’Alessandro said.

She saw a deputy along the road working to cover up the hate message, bought her own spray paint cans and helped out.

The fact is this could be just kids, or it could be a very serious threat. We know the rhetoric of Black Lives Matter is extremely hateful, divisive, incendiary, and that BLM itself is a cesspool of anti-American Marxists and activists who are pushing mightily to destroy the fundamental values the vast majority of Americans hold dear. We also know that the “peaceful protest” narrative the media has guarded so staunchly is full of holes. The BLM leaders are seeking power, for themselves and the potential cost is meaningless to them. So be careful folks, be very careful. BLM is doing all it can to poison the well of tolerance that IS America with discord, bitterness, and hatred. 

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