University of Michigan to professors,use the students ‘preferred” pronouns or else!

Digging in the Pit of Absurdity they are!

The University of Michigan yesterday unveiled a new webpage that allows students to choose their preferred pronouns, including “they” and “ze.”

Preferred pronouns will appear on class rosters, and if professors accidentally use the wrong pronoun, “you can acknowledge that you made a mistake and use the correct pronoun next time,” said the university’s provost and vice president for student life in a campus-wide email announcement. It also called using preferred pronouns “one of the most basic ways to show your respect for their identity and to cultivate an environment that respects all gender identities.”

A university spokesman tells Heat Street, “If there were a persistent pattern of ignoring a student’s preference, we would address that as a performance matter.”

So, basically, sanity is on life support on college campuses these days. It is all about how we “identify” now. OK, fine, I would like to identify as a wealthy 30-year-old man who drives sports cars, travels constantly and beds smoking hot women two at a time. Can I get that? No? Why not? If college students can change their gender by simply “identifying” why can’t I change my reality? Because reality does not change on our terms. That is reality, and the current fad of “preferred pronouns” and “gender ID’s” are absurdities. There not 57 different genders, there are two, again that is reality. And reality always trumps absurdity.

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