Is Discretion the Better Part of Valor?

It would, I suggest depend on the situation, but in this case, discretion was definitely called for

Around 3 a.m. Sunday, a Woodland, WA man heard a noise outside his home. He grabbed his shotgun and headed outside to investigate.

When he made it outside, he encountered 39-year-old Timothy Surrena, who wrestled with the homeowner for the shotgun.Surrena took the weapon and used it to beat the homeowner in the head and face. As he ran down the street to a nearby house, he fired shots into the air.

Clark County Sheriff deputies, along with Ridgefield and La Center officers, responded to the scene. The Southwest Washington Regional SWAT team arrived and took Surrena into custody. He was transported to Clark County Jail, where he was booked for 1st degree assault, 1st degree robbery, and theft of a firearm.

You can check out some sage advice from Bob Owens at the link. He is far better trained than I. My own personal view is that inside my home, I am at an advantage if someone is trying to get in, if I venture outside, I  lose that advantage. My primary responsibility is to protect my niece, who is six, and my sister, her mother. Leaving the safety of my home to go out in the dark, where the intruder, or worse yet intruders have an advantage, is not going to happen. Again, my own view is that going out to confront an unknown threat, which, again might be multiple threats would be foolish. 

4 thoughts on “Is Discretion the Better Part of Valor?

  1. It also opens up a can of legal worms. Castle laws often stop at the door/window of the dwelling. Inside the bad guy can be shot. Outside it’s not clear cut.
    Homeowner was lucky he wasn’t killed by his own gun.

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