Leftists do the craziest things

Like trying to unite people, by dividing them

Emory University’s Campus Life Department will soon host what it hopes will become a regular social hour, but invitations will only be extended to students and staff “of color.”

DeLa Sweeney, Emory’s interim director for Multicultural Programs, sent an email to staff at the school’s Campus Life Department, inviting them to attend an upcoming social “for students, alumni, faculty, and Emory Campus Life staff of color” only.

Sweeney defended that nature of the event in an exchange with Campus Reform, arguing that the participants will benefit from the opportunity to explore their “shared interests” in the absence of white peers.

In short, Sweeney, who is a blatant racist, is saying that non-White people share certain interests, because they are non-White. Of course many of those interests are likely shared by people of all races. In fact, it would be far more productive if events for people with similar interests were arranged. But, of course, then the Liberal social engineers could not vent their twisted views, and further divide people based on skin color.

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