The Cult of Gun Control, Addicted to lying

If you were to venture to the very bottom of the Pit of Leftist Lies, these miscreants would be there, digging

The Brady Campaign, one of the leading gun control groups in the nation, launched their “Toddlers Kill” campaign earlier this week, citing statistics involving kids.

Here is there fallacious stat, presented in the despicably dishonest fashion


Really plays on your emotions doesn’t it? It is designed to. Only one problem, as Bob Owens explains

The problem with their stats? They’re skewed to the point of irrelevance.

the vast majority of those victims are in fact teenagers. Many, if not most of them involved in urban gang warfare.

Let’s look at these deceptive numbers, shall we?

The “Toddlers Kill” campaign refers to the Brady Campaign’s gun death fact sheet, which is based off of the Center for Disease Control’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control’s statistics.


The anti-gunners claim “2,624 kids and teens die from gun violence,” but number doesn’t just include toddlers, like the “Toddler Kill” campaign misleadingly suggests. Instead it includes gun-related incidents from everyone 19 and younger.

Here’s the actual numbers of accidental firearm deaths by age group:

  • Under the age of 14: 50 deaths
  • 15-24 years old: 148 deaths

Here are the real numbers for homicides involving firearms:

  • Under one year old: 5 deaths
  • Between 1 and 4 years old: 47 deaths
  • Between 5 and 14 years old: 173 deaths
  • Between 15 and 24 years old: 3,587

The real numbers for firearms suicides:

Under age 4: 0 deaths

Between 5 and 14 years old: 173 deaths

Between 15 and 24 years old: 2,270 deaths

In short, they lie, because they have to. There is no way they can push their gun control propaganda without lying. The most damning aspect is this; They KNOW they are lying. They revel in their dishonesty. And, the biggest issue for all Americans to consider is this. If they know they are lying, then they are lying about their end goals as well aren’t they? What then is that end goal?


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