Tavis Smiley confuses the Constitution with the Communist Manifesto

Some people actually consider Smiley, an intellectual, when in fact he has the intellectual depth of a dried up mud puddle

In a recent op-ed for TIME magazine, Public Broadcasting Service late-night host Tavis Smiley expressed concern that blacks in America might one day return to slavery if Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump wins the election on November 8.

“In my lifetime, I have never seen Congress so blatantly mock our Constitution,” he stated. “It’s especially striking that it comes from the political party that’s always lecturing us about the ‘rule of law,’ What’s worse is that they’re getting away with it.”

The host of The Travis Smiley Show continued:

When I hear Donald Trump suggest that he wants to “Make America Great Again,” it always triggers the same three questions in my head.

One: How is Trump defining “greatness?” I’m not sure he and I share an understanding of what makes a nation truly great.

“For me, it starts with how you treat the children, the poor, the aged and infirmed, how you embrace equality as you labor for equity,” he noted.

“Equality means that everyone gets the same in America, whether they need it or not,” Smiley asserted. “Equity says we commit to ensuring that all fellow citizens have the basic resources that will give them commensurate opportunities to contribute meaningfully to our society.”

Our Constitution, of course speaks of liberties, not equality, which are incompatible. the best hope for people is liberty. A government that can enforce “equality” can and will destroy liberty, prosperity, and will eventually lead the an equality of poverty, destitution, and slavery to the state. History teaches us where Marxism leads. if only Smiley were bright enough to study history rather than advocating for a failed, ideology.

Go read the rest at Newsbusters and observe as Smiley further beclowns himself


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